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What does being a Dental Nurse mean to you?

If like me you have gone through 18 months of mass coursework and exams to become a qualified dental nurse, do you ever sit back and wonder, what does this mean to me? is this my purpose?

I often wonder how I got here and like most people who talk about their journey to becoming a Dental Nurse, we all happen to fall into it. That is exactly what happened to me & I've never looked back!

For me being a dental nurse is someone who is caring, compassionate and professional. Someone who is there to support and assist the dentist but to also be a leader in the surgery. Patient care (as I've mentioned before) is a huge part of being a dental nurse, you have to want to know your patient, support them and be their friend at all times! Which for me is never a problem! Patient care and looking after those who are in our dental chair is what drives me daily. Their trust in me only wants me to make sure we do the best level of care and have their best interests at heart at all times.

After falling into dentistry, I have found my purpose. I know my purpose lies within the dental medical field where I can make a difference and do what I do daily, and not second guess my choice of career. I have considered many options and paths to go down prior dental nursing until I got here. I would advice anyone to say yes to any opportunity that is brought to you by the universe, even if it doesn't make any sense, take it anywhere and see where it leads you. The universe at times shows us options to see what we chose and where it will take us & more often than not, the most random and surprising option is the one which will bring the most reward.

I recently asked the universe open palmed and openly "where am I going? what am I doing? please give me a sign!" and I didn't see any sign until now... an encounter has had me change my path still within dentistry but to a different sector, to help me get to my vision I'm building behind the scenes...

The careers are endless in dentistry. I'm currently working on my next ambition which will be revealed in due course 😉💕

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