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What Do I Know Now That I Didn't Know Before About Dentistry?

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Since I have entered the dental word, I understand now why there was such an emphasis on going to the dentist regularly. Most people tend to think the dentist is there just when you're in pain or you should only come and visit the dentist when pain starts. WRONG. That is the last thing you should do.

Growing up I was made to see my dentist every 6 months and of course as a child I found this extremely boring, I would rather be out playing with my friends! but now I am on the other end of chair, I see why the growing importance of visiting the dentist is so vital (especially for children.)

When coming for you routine dental examination we sit you in the chair, shout some numbers at each other and talk in jargon terms which sound like a bunch of gobbldy goop. This gobbldy goop is actually us speaking to each other in dental talk (haha) but it all does mean something, i promise!

We are firstly checking your soft tissues (gums, cheeks, tongue, floor of the mouth) for any changes, the dentist will then check you neck for your glands, your TMJ bone for any clicking or crunching and lastly asks you to stick your tongue out left/right & straight out. Then we check for the BPE (Basic periodontal examination) - the condition of your gums and finally we then update your x-rays (if needed) and update the charting.

All this information is vital for us to be able to keep record of you and any changes that may be forming from now until your future years. The reason why we recommend 6 month check ups is so we have a current and accurate account of your mouth and be able to prevent any damages or future compromises to your teeth and mouth (of course your recall months will be tailored to you and your own case).

Some may find this process of coming to the dentist regularly very easy, but as we know the dentist can be a daunting place and not a particularly nice environment for some patients to be in.

But rest assured we are all trained to deal with any anxious/nervous patients and we do totally understand your fears.

In the dental world we are helping to prevent pain from happening and for any damages occurring. You may heard the term "prevention over cure" and this is exactly what we are trying to do. By coming to the dentist on the occasion you only have pain is a conception we are trying to break in the dental world. It is better to not let your teeth get into pain than allowing them to become sore. In some cases, when you are experiencing pain, the tooth may be in an irreversible state but in others we could possible save the tooth- but this could have ruled out other options which would of been preferable.

In a nutshell, I was one of those people who went regularly as a child but as I grew to an adult, the dentist fell to the back of my priority list until I Joined the team. We all slip from time to time on coming to the dentist but treat it like your routine appointment to the hairdressers or barbers, we are just as important and are boosting your health!

Stay on track my lovelies & love your teeth, we need them for our whole lives!

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