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How To Become A Dental Nurse..

As I was growing up I never thought I would enter the medical world. I thought you would have to study for years before being able to step foot inside a dental surgery, but it turns out, that's not the case!

I started my search into dental nursing by firstly understanding what it was, what you do as a dental nurse, does it match my interests & how long it takes to be qualified! I did a trial day at City Dental in 2016 where I observed the head nurse and what she did. I'm not going to say it was love at first sight, but it definitely intrigued me more than I thought. So weeks later I joined their team where I worked alongside the Principle dentist.

⬇ Dr. Sahami supported me throughout my time at City Dental ensuring I was being the best I could be and motivating me to be better. I was (and still am) very lucky to be working with Dr. Sahami, I found a friend within the workplace but also someone who mentors me daily.

I then figured you have to go on a course to become qualified so I applied all over London (as there weren't any courses at the time in my area) and landed in Smile Wisdom. Over the course of 18 months, I learnt all the essentials of dental nursing as well as the theory behind why we do what we do.

This course taught me so many valuable lessons that I carry with me every day. My tutor (Liz Moran) was exeptional- from her teaching methods to her support whenever you needed her. The course leader Becky supported me throughout and made sure I was on track and happy. They made getting qualified easier by making a the finance payable over months until the end of the course. Which for me, at this time living in London and on a trainee wage helped a lot! The school was also down the road from my work at the time (James Street Dental Practice) which made the accessibility much easier, and motivated me to go,

My dentist at the time in London, Dr. Tamsin Vaughan-Williams helped me to submit my EROEs (which is challenging!) and fully supported me every day with where I needed to improve and where I am doing a great job. Without her, I wouldn't of been able to take my exams. It is very important that you are placed (as a trainee) with a dentist who can be your mentor who you have a great relationship with, without this, it will be harder.

I absolutely love my job and my career choice, and if you are reading this now considering whether to go down the dental nursing route, I would highly recommend doing it! Whether you are male or female there is nothing stopping you being your best self!

If you are around the London area and looking for a dental nursing course, click the link below to check out Smile Widsdom Dental Academy


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