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Dental Nurse & Patient?

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

You would think becoming a dental nurse would diminish my anxiety of treatment, but actually these feelings are at a total juxtaposition.

So this lovely flattering photo to the right is me with a rubber dam placed on my face... cute right? haha jokes aside, I was very nervous in this photo. Some have said to me "but Eloise how can you feel nervous when you do this every day?" well simply, being a #dentalnurse is just my profession which means I do these treatments often with my dentists where I support patients along the way and through their journey but when having to have treatment myself I am still a usual human being with my own #experiences where the feeling of having a dental treatment never changes.

My heart still races when I am about to have the aesthetic & my hands still sweat. I thought it would be a different feeling also but it is not. Being on the end of the chair doing treatments for patients is totally different than when you are the #patient, you feel just the same as anyone else who is undergoing treatment. I do lay there thinking

"when will this be over, my mouth is aching, I can feel the water balancing at the back of my throat, I need to cough, how long have I been here for?"

This is totally normal.

It is not every day you're laying down in a close proximity with someone looking into your mouth poking around with the odd noises you hear between your ears of the instruments and of course the noises of the equipment around you. We understand this as pretty much every dental clinician has had dental treatment themselves, we try to make it at quick as possible!

In this particular photo I was having a #composite filling in my upper left second molar. My #amalgam filling that I had placed years ago had started leaking giving me #toothache so we took out the old filling and placed a new one. I can say that I am glad I do experience dental treatment so I can relate to my patients and support them efficiently. I can also say that the rubber dam is the oddest feeling ever, but a great invention!

We all have our own fears and things that make us nervous, but please do not be afraid to talk to us and tell us that what you're nervous about, we will never judge you. You are totally in control when you are in the chair, we work alongside you. As the patient you are our priority when you're sitting in our chair. ❤

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