About Me

Eloise Meldrum
Dental Nurse, Aspiring Philanthropist & Dental Brand Ambassador

Welcome to EloisesWorldx!


I've started an online platform for those who have similar interests to me in the Dental world & to create a positive insight the realms of dentistry. It is an ever growing fear within society which I want to break the barriers! 


If you love to learn about anatomy, the inside of the dental surgeries and team or if you just love what goes in the medical field, you're right where you need to be! 


I intend to blog about "the day in the life of a dental nurse" which of course is me & share with you my thoughts and facts of happens here in the dental surgery. I want to share some fascinating cases & education as well as showing you vlogs. I want to reveal what working in dentistry is really like and break those stereotypes of what it is made to be seen. 


I have been published in the Dental Nursing Magazine in December 2018 "an Instagram inspiration" issue 13 where I was approached by a journalist when she discovered my page. This was my first publication, one of many I can now say with my second coming out in January 2019! 


I have been a dental nurse for over 2 years now & I absolutely love my career choice. I'm going on to study Dental Hygiene in 2019 to become a qualified Hygienist and in the same year I will be with Bridge 2 Aid to Tanzania where I will be taking part in a dental training programme (but more on that later!) 


I first became a dental nurse after graduating from University with a BA Honors in English Language & Linguistics I was on the path to becoming a speech therapist. But then I fell upon dentistry! 


I started on social media as I noticed the minimal publicity there is out there from a dental nurse's perspective within the dental industry, this is how Eloisesworldx came about. I started posting oral hygiene information, what instruments we use and the set up of the trays, what we are looking for as clinicians & why coming to the dentist is so important. Now my page has hit over 1000 followers and my content has become more intricate with an alternative twist to a dental nursing page. 


If you're following me here, pop over to my instagram page and say hello! I'll be starting a subscription service for my lovely followers so we can stay connected with each other! 


Enjoy xx 💋